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Religion Links

Access to Insight

Focuses on supporting and deepening Buddhist meditation practice. Emphasizes on teachings from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, but represents other Buddhist traditions as well.

Aish Ha Torah Discovery

Presents a Jewish adult-education seminar. Provides information ranging from basics of Judaism to the latest research by mathematicians and computer specialists on the hidden codes in the Bible.

Anglicans Online

Provides information about the Anglican church. Includes Anglican news, links to the church in Canada, the United States, and the world. Offers other links that cover resources, Synod news, schools, newsgroups, and mailing lists.

Answers in Action Home Page

Seeks to be "a dynamic nonprofit religious organization training Christians to adopt and promote a Christian world view in every area of their lives." Features book reviews, information on contempory issues, the Bible, Christian apologetics, and more.

APOLOGIA[md]To Offer A Reason

Focuses on a reasoned defense of the Christian faith and ethics. Presents a positive Christian world view.

B'nai B'rith

Provides information about this international Jewish youth organization.

Bah 'i Resources on the Internet

Provides information on Bah 'i, points you in the right direction with links to Bah 'ˇ related resources which include introdutory material, Bah 'i texts, and organizations.

Baker Bookhouse Company

Christian book publisher. Offers sports information and special offers on their books. Presents a Christian Internet directory, a list of many jumps to Christian information sources as well as jumps to many sites devoted to different Christian denominations.

Believers Information Network

Presents a pan-religious approach to modern life.

BrotherMark's Christian Material

Provides a collection of links to Christian sites and resources. Offers a diversity of links that include humor, magazines, history, Christian organizations, Christian home pages, and theology. Provides some material in Finnish, but most in English.

Buddhist Scripture Information Retrieval

Promotes this software package (BUDSIR) which searches the Pali cannon for what the you want.

Canada Toronto East Mission

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Provides former missionary e-mail addresses, information about upcoming reunions, mission history and experiences, and access to Toronto resources. .

Catholic Online

Provides message centers, forums, and research materials.

Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace

Offers information on Chabad. Includes children's links, multimedia, listserv, and gopher resources. Seeks to bring information about Jewish heritage to the Internet.

Christian Articles Archive

Contains articles for Christian newsletters, religious periodicals, brochures, and sermon illustrations. Also provides information about using Internet e-mail conferencing for Christian teaching and discipleship.

Christian Book Connection

Online bookstore. Offers a selection of materials from which you can choose.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Focuses on classic Christian literature. Contains works from St. Augustine to Wesley.

Christian Computing Magazine

Online editon of Christian Computing Magazine. Contains current as well as back issues of the printed magazine. Provides subscription information and links to Christian resources and literature as well.

Christian Connections

Aims to inspire and educate the Christian community in online resourcing and communication. Offers reference materials, Web page storage/training, and direct dial-in for the western side of Washington. Offers many indexed Christian reference lists and a Christian index of all major denomination websites. Specializes in online communication, resource sharing, and publishing.

Christian Poetry

Publishes works of Christian poets who want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of poetry.

Christian Singles Online

A Christian dating service online. Offers a six month membership that entitles you to at least 10 matches with a compatible Christian single (for a fee).

CyberMuslim Information Collective

Provides information and resources. Offers links to the HyperQur'aan project. Includes information on Islamic culture, schools, computing services, bookstores, and digital activism.

Cyberspace church of Christ Home Page

Lists Church of Christ sites on the Web. Also offers numerous jumps to information on missions, usenet groups, directories, and online Bible study.

DEFA Home Page

DharmaNet Electronic Files Archive. Contains the online Buddhist libraries maintained by DharmaNet International. Offers links to the Dharma Newsstand, Buddhist Info Web, BBS listings, and more.

Dictionaries of Buddhist Terms and Classical Chinese Characters

Provides information in the area of East Asian Buddhist studies and classical Chinese philosophy/religion. Features two extensive dictionaries: one a dictionary of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Buddhist terms, the other a Chinese character dictionary that emphasizes ancient/classical ideographs (both dictionaries provide romanized pronunciations in Wade-Giles, Pinyin, Korean and Japanese).

Dictionary of the Bible

Contains a dictionary of biblical terms.

Duke University Catholic Student Center

Publicizes events and schedules of Duke's Catholic Student Center. Also offers links to other Roman Catholic Web pages.

East 7th Street Baptist Ministry[md]Graffiti

Aims to foster faith, hope, and love in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, through ministries to help meet the spiritual, social, educational, and economic develpment needs of the community.

Electronic Book of Common Prayer

Contains the Electronic Book of Common Prayer.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Home Page

Contains news and pointers to areas of the church's interest. Provides much information.

Family Research Council

Seeks to reaffirm and promote the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system.

Famous Unitarian Universalists

Provides a list of well-known contemporary and historical figures who have been involved with the Unitarian Universalist movement and offers links to sites that provide information about these people.

Fasting & Prayer '95

Promotes three day event that takes place November 16[nd]18, 1995, in which top Christian leaders from all over the nation join thousands of other Christians in Los Angeles, California, to fast and pray for revival in the United States. Also presents reasons for fasting, as well as tips on safe and effective fasting.

Fort : Panth Khalsa

Provides a glimpse into the culture of the Sikh Nation. Posts Hukam-Namah (daily verses from the Sikh Scriptures) in native Gurmukhi format. Contains information about Sikh history and current events relevant to the Sikh People.

Fort: Panth Khalsa

Focuses on the Sikh Nation. Also offers a look into the Sikh code of conduct and the spirit of Sikhism.

Free Daism

Presents Free Daism, the "ancient, eternal, and always new religion of self-transcending God-Realization," based on the teaching of Adi Da.

Friends of Osho

Presents the unfolding work of Osho, whose discourses have been published in more than 650 volumes, including translations into more than 30 languages.

Global Hindu Electronic Network

Offers Hindu-related links. Contains the alt.hindu newsgroup and offers scripture, information on publications, Hindu festivals, and links to Jain, Buddha, and Sikh dharmas.

Gospel Communications Network


This is a great jumping off point to things like Legionnaire ministries-InterVarsity Press-The Bible Gateway and more.

Gospel Films, Inc.

Distributes Christian videos in a range of subjects, from children's tapes to historical/biblical and true life stories. Also features Christian games, articles, and news.

Grace Chapel Youth Ministry (Tucson, AZ)

Presents a transdenominational youth outreach ministry that serves southern Arizona. Also features links to other Christian Web sites.

Greater Grace World Outreach

International Ministry with links to it's associated ministries including: The Grace Hour International Radio Show, Missions, Churches, Schools, Books & Tapes, Bible Resources. Plus a whole lot more.

GROKNet[md]Comedy, Theatre and Resources

Presents an Australian Christian two-man comedy theatrical team. Includes information on GROK's performance history, reviews, and schedules.

Haqqani Foundation Home Page

Offers a look into the teachings and precepts of Sufism. Offers many pages of information, pictures, and links intended to spread Sufi teachings of the brotherhood of man.

Harvest Online

Includes dates for upcoming events of Harvest, along with information about the "A New Beginning with Greg Laurie" broadcasts.

Hawaii Bah 'ˇ Youth Page

Provides a resource of links and graphics about the Bah 'ˇ faith.

Ibrahim Shafi's Page in Islam

Provides links focusing on the many facets of Islamic religious life. Offers many links to Muslim organizations, texts, ftp, gopher sites, newsgroups, and other resources. Also offers links to Muslim countries.

ICMC Home Page

Provides an electronic magazine you can use to browse a member directory. Maintains a list of links to resources for Christians.

In the Footsteps of the Lord

Offers many Christian links. Contains a few loose categories.

Institute for Christian Leadership

Serves as a Web gateway for the Institute for Christian Leadership's BBS (ICLBBS). Contains many resources, from readings to setting up discussion groups.

International Meditation Centres (in the Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin)

Offers information on 10-day Vipassana meditation courses as well as a newsletter, Theravada Buddhist publications, and images of pagodas.

International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism

Focuses on Zen. Presents a knowledge base on Zen along with a searchable database of Zen centers around the world.

International Union of Gospel Missions

Offers information about rescue missions and other organizations. Focuses on homeless, urban youth, and general inner city life.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Sports links to the InterVarsity Press. Also offers online ordering for books and more.


Provides information about Islam. Includes the Shi'a encyclopedia and information about the Ahlul Bayt. Features a daily verse from the Qur'an and a daily saying that represents Islamic principles.

Islamic Resources

Provides information about Islamic beliefs, resources, community events, businesses, and organizations.

Islamic Society of Wichita

Offers links hundreds of Muslim Web sites. Provides information on Qu'ran, Hadith, Prayer timings, and much more.

Jain Studies

Provides a starting point for people looking for resources on Jainism on the Internet. Offers many links to resources.

Jain World Wide Web Page

Overviews Jain resources on the Web. Offers links to gopher sites, ftp sites, Web sites, organizations, books and periodicals.

Jesus Fellowship Home Page

A family church, a Christian teaching center, a covenant community, a world-wide outreach center, a campus ministry, a neighborhood Bible fellowship, and much more.


Offers a list of Jewish-related sites. Offers links to gopher sites, home pages, libraries, ftp sites, and information on newsgroups and mailing lists.

Jews for Jesus Home Page

Serves as a means to finding Jewish Christians. Contains documents on Jewish Christianity and information on how to contact them, along with a music and concert schedule and a fun quiz.

Journal of Buddhist ethics

The Journal of Buddhist Ethics, an online publication that promotes academic research in Buddhist ethics. Offers current and back issues. Includes a number of articles in Adobe Acrobat format.

Logictarian Christian Home Page

Focuses on the quest for the meaning of life. Offers a blend of Christianity, Shintoism , martial arts, and science. Also serves as a division of the UFG/ECD,Inc., a Canada-based nonprofit research body.

Logos Research Systems

Electronic publishing firm. Offers CD-ROMs of biblical translations, from King James to Revised Standard Version. Also includes many other titles.

Lutheran Marriage Encounter

Focuses on providing married couples the opportunity to examine their lives together.

Menorah Ministries

International Messianic missionary ministry of the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles. Offers information and articles regarding the Messiah, Biblical Jewish roots of Christianity, and Israel. Also serves as a resource-help forum.

Menorah Ministries

Uses the Web to reach out to people. Contains back issues of their magazine along with other sources of information.

Minister's Reference Center

Serves as a subscription site from which you can download other ministers' messages for a fee each month. Offers a free trial period as well as a discount for lay members and students.

Muslim Educational Trust Home Page

Serves the interest of the Muslim Community in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area, through education, a weekend Muslim school, and a speaker's bureau.

New Kadampa Tradition

A Mahayana Buddhist organization. Aims preserve and promote the essence of Buddha's teachings in a form suited to the Western mind and way of life. Offers information on books, meditation programs, and a directory of NKT centers.

New Media Communications

Seeks to gather together resources to enable seminaries and theological organizations to bring theological education to all who seek it.

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism

Offers a look into this school of Buddhism. Includes a list of temples and articles from the The Nichiren Shoshu Monthly.

Orthodox Ministry ACCESS

Provides information about Orthodox Christianity; the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese; the Orthodox Minstry ACCESS Bulletin Board System (accessible via the Internet); Orthodox Christian resources; Orthodox Christian organizations; and more.

Our Daily Bread

Presents a short, daily devotional guide for Christians. Includes an archive page for access to previous months devotions.

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Serves as the online presence of the Presbyterian church. Contains a vast array of Presbyterian news, as well as links to research sites, resources, and referrals.

Project Wittenberg

Provides the thought of Martin Luther online. Plans to accumulate Luther's work, along with that other theologians.

Revival Theology Resources Home Page

Provides a forum for the advancement of Christian Revival Theology and Moral Government Theology. Offers links to newsletters, articles, and ministries.

Saint Mary's Press

Features their online catalog. Offers some links to other Christian publishers.

Salaam Ailaikum

Contains Islamic and social justice poetry, articles, links, and stories. Also contains several articles by the Islamic author, the late Dr. Ali Shariati.

San Francesco di Paola

Focuses on the life and works of Saint Francis of Paola, the patron saint of sailors.

Scrolls from the Dead Sea

This exhibit from the Library of Congress is a great scholastic site. The published text of the Quamran scrolls, commonly known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. These works have been extensively studied by Bible scholars. The site offers a link to the Expo Bookstore where a printed copy of the exhibition catalog can be purchased.


This is the site for the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) WWW server. Links to gopher sites, SDA institutions and Bible Study forums can be found here.

Serious Developments -- Christian Software Catalog

A good source for Christian software, featuring hundreds of products, including Bible Study software, clipart, games, and religious studies. You can select from a choice of free software, just for visiting this Web page. There are also links to other Christian sites from this page.


Offers links to various Jewish religious organizations from Hillel to the world Zionist organization.

Shin Buddhism Network

Contains English and Japanese articles on Shin Buddhism, as well as a list of links to Buddhist resources.

Shin Buddhist Resource Center

Includes an online library of text and a bookstore.

Shtetl, Yiddish Language and Culture Home Page

Provides information on Yiddish culture. Provides resources that point towards a wide range of links, from books to read to kosher recipes.

Sikhism: Religion of the Sikh People

Provides information about Sikhism, which preaches a message of love of one God, truthful living, and the equality of mankind, through the teachings of its Gurus enshrined in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Book, and Eternal Guru.

Society Hill Synagogue of Philadelphia

Presents an independent, conservative egalitarian synagogue, and offers numerous programs in all aspects of religious and cultural life. Includes detailed descriptions, a brochure, a monthly newsletter, and some nice graphics.

St. Louis Life News

Presents pro-life news and information, including opinion pieces and links to pro-life and pro-abortion sites.

Stanford University Zoroastrian Group

Zoroastrianism online. Offers information about this individual group, but also offers many links to information on this religion.

Stanford University Zoroastrian Group

Presents a student group interested in exploring the Zoroastrian religion, history, and culture. Presents a short overview of Zoroastrianism, daily prayers, and links to other Zorostrian groups.

Symbol Talk

Serves as a Web resource for meditation pillows.

Taoism Information Page

Offers a look into the Taoist tradition. Provides Sun Tzu's The Art of War, and the I Ching.

The A[nd]Z of Jewish & Israel Related Resources

Introduces a wide variety of Jewish topics, organizations, and resources available on the net. Offers alphabetical indexes of sites.

The Amish[md]\The Plain People\

Provides a good concise explanation of the Amish people. Also includes an online question and answer.

The Baptist Faith and Message

Contains statement of faith adopted by the Southern Baptist convention.

The Bhagvad Gita

Offers the Bhagvad Gita in Sanskrit (requires a PostScript viewer, such as Ghostscript). Also offers an English translation.

The Christian Recovery Connection

Enables you to participate in a 12-step recovery program for abuse, addiction or grief: by offering links to different Christian recovery programs on the Web that can offer support from a Christian point of view.

The Christian Resource Network

Hundreds of documents on Christianity, Cults, Missions, Evangelism, Pastors Sermon Notes, etc.. Also features a wide selection of Christian shareware including Electronic Bibles, Church Management Software, an On-Line Bible, Christian educational software and games.

The Church of St. Joseph

Lets you access parish information, events, latest news of the church, and a mass schedule.

The Community

Provides information on the Emmaus and Chrysalis weekends led by lay people and clergy. Also provides information on Kairos weekends[md]a similar program that focuses on prison inmates.

The ECOLE Institute

Seeks to create a hypertext encyclopedia of the works of early Christian church authors.

The Evangelical Free Church of America

Contains the basis of faith of this church and offers links to individual church bodies that have a Web presence.

The Green Pages

Serves as an information clearing house for pagan information. Includes many links to related pages, essays, periodicals, and a calendar of pagan events.

The Hare Krishna Home Page

Provides an insight into one's spiritual identity by establishing a distinction between matter and spirit. Also guides serious inquisitors in attaining unlimited spiritual happiness.

The Hinduism Today Home Page

A Hindu family newspaper online. Provides an index of issues, along with subscription information.

The Holy Bible[md]King James Version

A complete text of the King James Version of the Bible in HTML 3.0 format. Each chapter is a separate HTML file providing quick access to any verse in the Bible. Verses are referencable by the URL of the file followed by a # and the verse number. There is also a 13857 word concordance which is hyperlinked to the Bible.

The Israelite Handbook

Serves as the base of operations on the Internet for blacks and Latinos who want to forge a new cultural and religious identity as Hebrew Israelites. Discusses such topics as Islam, Christianity, atheism, Afrocentricity, drugs, and slavery.

The Jerusalem One WWW Network

Offers numerous links to Aliya information, Torah and Judaic studies, a Jewish calendar of events, current news and views from Israel and the world's largest Jewish software, and a clip art library.

The Jesus Army

Contains an electronic magazine and many pictures.

The Jesus Film Project

Presents the Campus Crusade for Christ's Jesus Film project. Includes well-designed graphics pages. Offers links to other Campus Crusade for Christ sites in the United States and abroad.

The Jewish Theological Seminary

Represents this conservative seminary online. Includes links to other schools. Provides a wealth of resources.

The Life and Faith Network

Provides a group of conferences for people interested in discussing their faith and how it affects their life.

The New Crusades

Offers many to Christian, science fiction, and fantasy sites.

The Online Islamic Bookstore

Provides information about the books, tapes, and software. Offers links to Islamic sites and book reviews of important books.

The Orthodox Christian Page

Contains an introduction into Greek Orthodox Christianity. Provides links to European and American Orthodox sites, jumps to scriptures and liturgy, icons, prayers, readings, and other resources.

The Pagan Pages

Provides free advertising, announcements, and networking for Pagan and Pagan-friendly people and their businesses in hopes of strengthening community ties.

The Project Genesis Home Page

Presents the Project Genesis, an active initiative to utilize the Internet to teach college students about their Jewish roots. Also offers Jewish educational materials online.

The Religious Society of Friends WWW site

Offers a list of links about Quakers on the Web. Includes links to sites focusing on Quaker schools, journals, The American Friends Service Committee, geneology sites, Quaker history, newsgroups, and more.

The United Church of Christ

Provides information and demographics concerning The United Church of Christ.

The United Pentecostal Church International

Serves as an unofficial page for the The United Pentecostal Church International. Contains a moderate amount of information about the church on both a regional and general level.

The University of Delaware Wesley Foundation

Provides information about upcoming events related to Methodist Church activities at this and other selected college campuses.

The Wire

Presents an ecumenical Christian communications periodical, published electronically using the Acrobat PDF format. Includes issues of interest to Christian computer users.

The World ORT Union

Serves as a host site to ANJY (A Network for Jewish Youth), The Jewish Quarterly, and other Jewish resources. Exhibits on this server are of special interest to young people, including a tour of the Diaspora Museum, a prototype software system for teachers.

The World Wide Study Bible

The World Wide Study Bible was conceived as a means of organizing all of the Bible-related resources on the World Wide Web according to scripture reference. Invites user contributions.

The WWW Bible Gateway

Provides a search form for the Bible, and handles many common translations. Lets you conduct searches and output verses in French, German, Swedish, Tagalog, Latin, or English.

The Zen Garden

Presents Zen stories, koans, images, and sounds.

This Week In Bible Prophecy

This web site supplements a television program on Bible prophecy that is aired over the Trinity Broadcasting network in the United States, and over Vision TV in Canada. You can receive transcripts of recently aired programs through this site, as well as read magazine articles and select videos and books.

Tien Dao Christian Media

Focuses on Chinese Christianity. Offers software and an online bookstore (includes text in both Chinese and English).

Tiger Team Buddhist Information Network

Offers online files, conferencing, and shopping. Includes links to Buddhist resources and to the table of contents for the CyberSangha.

University of Michigan Interfaith Student Council

Serves as a resource site for people interested in religious events near or on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Also serves as a place to publicize global religious efforts/affiliations.

University of St. Michael's College[md]Faculty of Theology

Provides theological education in programs of an academic and professsional nature and to promotes research in these areas. Includes information on an Internet research project entitled, "The Impact of the Internet on Theological and Religious Studies." Also contains additional annotated resources for theological and religious studies.

WAMY IslamNet (World Assembly of Muslim Youth)

Offers a page of links relating to this organization. Includes sounds, magazines, and the Fiqeh database online, among other resources.

Web Chapel[md]A Mission to Cyberspace

Web Chapel is a mission to cyberspace, providing World Wide Web access to Christian writings and sermons, an on-line Bible study and devotional material, information on how to become a Christian, and prayer requests.

Western Region Jewish Committee on Scouting

Offers boy scouting opportunities for Jewish youth. Also offers information on scouting and links to other Jewish youth resources.

Yaohushua, the Genuine Messiah

Explains about the original, archaic Hebrew name of the Creator and His unique Messiah: YAOHUSHUA. Also includes files on scriptural doctrines of faith, salvation, health, wealth, love, family, marriage, success, and deliverance.

Zen Buddhist Texts

Offers hypertext versions of classic Zen literature, as well as a large assortment of Zen-related links.

Zen Mountain Monastery

Focuses on Zen. Features questions for Cybermonk, dharma communications, Buddhist resources , a list of world-wide affiliates, Zen art, a Zen environmental studies center, meditation, and a journal.


Focuses on Zen. Presents koans from the gateless gate and links to other Zen sites, including links to the Zen Hospice Project and to Zen and Taoist texts.




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