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Animals Links

A.S.M.N.[md]Cover and Contents Page

Online newsletter. Focuses primarily on zoological explorations in various parts of the African continent.

Aberdeen University Riding Club World Equestrian Information Source

Offers resources including software, newsletters, books, clubs, and events for horse lovers.

Akbash Dog Home Page

Offers two-column layout on the Akbash dog. Some sites allow direct e-mail contact with the publishers of the site.

Amphibian and Reptile Collection

Describes reptilian/amphibian collection. Includes a few pictures. Also contains a link to information about their animal tissue collection, which can be used for DNA research.

Animal Rights Resource Site

Supports issues of animal rights. Provides an icon-based menu to take you to FAQs, journals, the latest news, and extra resources.


Contains an abundance of information about all kinds of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and butterflies. Offers many links to other animal specific sites.

Antarctica and Its Environment

Examines the ecosystems and wildlife on the Antarctic continent.

AutPut[md]Home Page

Presents a zoo in Austria (offers English and Deutsch language versions).

Bat Information Resource Area

Provides information on bats.

Belgian Sheepdogs

Provides text and links about Belgian sheepdogs. Includes a photo album of Belgian sheepdog pictures submitted by various owners as well as links to those owner's web sites.

Bernese Mountain Dog Home Page

Focuses on the Bernese Mountain dog. Incorporates links to mailing lists, FAQs, and owner sites.

Birds, United States National Park Service (NPS) (Information Center for the Environment)

Provides a searchable index of birds in the United States National Parks system.

Border Collies

Picture-filled site that provides special information on border collie e-mail lists and an FTP site dedicated to border collie information.

Borzoi Info Online

Provides information on the Borzoi breed. Offers articles and links to additional general dog-related information.

Brazilian Zoos Directory

Serves as a resource for zoos located in Brazil (note: most of the site is in Portugese).

Canada Whale Watching

Provides information about the lesser-known whale species in the Canadian seas.

Canine Web

Provides general and specific knowledge about dogs. Contains listing of numerous known and unknown breeds.

Cat Fanciers' Home Page

Provides cat-related information. Offers numerous FAQs on different cat breeds, feline health, and care issues. Offers links to show schedules, cat organizations, FTP and gopher sites, as well as links to commercial sites, picture sites, and cat owners home pages.

Cat House (EFBC/FCC) Home Page

Contains pictures and some audio clips straight from the cat's mouth.

Caucasion Ovcharka Info

Focuses on the Caucasian Mountain dog. Includes special information on the national club for this breed.

Chaffee Zoological Gardens[md]Fresno, California

Contains great realistic and surrealistic pictures of the animals on exhibit. Also lets you visit the gift shop, just like in real, at which you can order items online.

Chase Tavern Farm Alpacas

Focuses on the art of breeding alpacas.

Cochrane Wildlife Reserve

Focuses on reintroducing the swift fox species back into the wild. Stylish, colorful, and contains good reading.

Collection: Orcinus Orca (Killer Whales)

Provides general information on killer whale sightings and photos. Offers a link to pictures of penguins, elephants, seals, and albatrosses.

Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists

Provides list of mail and newsgroups focusing on all types of dog and animal welfare issues. Offers links to a multiplicity of dog breeds.

Deer Net

Focuses on the impact of humans on Canadian wildlife and their habitats. Provides interesting facts on the grizzly and livestock diversification.

Dismal Swamp Shrew

Provides information on what is being done to manage the Dismal Swamp Shrew.

Division of Mammals

Describes the services and collection of the Division of Mammals of The Natural History Museum of The University of Kansas. Offers links to other related sites and includes a picture of a bat.

Dog Breeding

Covers how to properly care for and raise a dog. Includes tips. Discusses aspects of several different breeds.

Dog Term Glossary

Presents terminology both common and uncommon to the canine field. Provides many links to additional sites, as well as pointers to other parts of the glossary.

Dogs (Malamute, Siberian, Samoyed, Greenlander) and Dog sledding

Focuses on several northern breeds, including the Greenlander and Siberian Husky. Provides information on special events and projects that focus on showcasing these breeds. Includes a Lots of Mal pictures page that offers a colorful page where most links point to malamute pictures, although a few point to other malamute and northern breed sites. Provides English and Swedish versions.

Dolphin Information Server[md]Home Page

Serves as a simple resource for pictures and information on dolphins, killer whales, and other marine mammals.

Donald Firsching's Chicken Page

Focuses on the chicken. Contains many valuable links to information on the history of chickens, the poultry industry, and how to raise and care for chickens. Also offers hen and rooster .WAV sound files.

Eastern Slope Grizzly

Describes the activity of a project aimed at protecting the eastern slopes grizzley bear.

Endangered Species

Provides information on endangered species. Contains a large list of extinct species and clickable image maps that identify at-risk species by region.

Exotic Pets

Online exotic pet shop. Specializes in birds, reptiles, frogs, ferrets, iguanas, snakes, hedgehogs, chinchillas, emus, fish, turtles,chameleons, sugar gliders, wolf dogs, rabbits, and more. Lets you place classified ads for buying or selling (for a $10.00 fee).

Friends of Grassmere Wildlife Park Home Page

Online zoo, complete with video clips from the park and great animal shots.

GORP[md]Nature & Wildlife

Provides information about almost any conceivable animal-related topic[md]from bird watching to protection/preservation societies. Offers a wealth of knowledge as well as links to animal-related sites and resources on the web.

Greyhound Starting Gate

Focuses on getting retired racing greyhounds adopted. Provides information on the greyhound and its history in the United States.


Contains a great FAQ about hedgehogs and a special hedgehog game.

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit

Features skeletal and sculpted dinosaur exhibits.


Focuses on the much maligned and misunderstood spotted hyena.


Presents pictures of the curious little creature known as the hyrax.

Index of /animal_gifs/

Contains an archive of stock photos of animals. Indexes animals by species.

Introduced Wild Animals in Australia

Provides detailed information on Australian wildlife evolution. Takes an intruiguing look at the impact of animals introduced into the Australian ecosystem.

Introduction to the Mammoth Saga

Presents a virtual exhibit that highlights the woolly mammoth and other prehistoric beasts who roamed the frigid parts of this earth. Accompanies graphics with text to help you better understand the subject.

Kaehler's Mill Farm

Interesting site for those curious about cattle and sheep farming.

Kids' Action: Rainforest Animals

Provides information on the animals from the tropical rainforests of the world.

LAL Cat Archive

Offers pictures of cats[md]many cat pictues in GIF format, many of them quite large. Also contains links to more cat pictures as well as other cat-related sites. Lets you send your cat's picture for display.

Les oiseaux de l'autoroute Electronique:

Offers France and birdwatching and provides French and American birding resources.

Lion Pictures of the Month

Exhibits a monthly gallery of fine feline photography.


Focuses on llamas and llama breeding. Contains pictures of llamas, the lineage of specific llamas, how to have fun with llamas, and all about llama shows, products, literature, and llama associations.


Provides information on the habits, habitat, diet, and just about anything else you would want to know about the manatee.

Maria's Cat Page (Oriental, Sacred Birman, British)

Focuses on Oriental, British Shorthair, and the Sacred Birman house cats. Offers a FAQ on Orientals, along with some pictures and links to other cat sites. Presents English and Swedish versions of the site.

Marine World Africa USA

Discusses the Marine World exhibits and other information on additional wildlife in this wild animal park in California.

Mexican Wolf Management

Serves as a source of data on the steps being taken to preserve and protect the Mexican wolf in the wild.

Michael's Photo Gallery

Caters to the virtual birdwatcher. Offers a straightforward presentation and displays some pictures.

Moose Page

Provides a great painting of a family of moose. Lets you sign up for the Mickey Moose club.

National Zoological Park Home Page

Includes a user questionnaire, news, and information, as well as a photo library.

Nature Subject Page

Features photographic artwork of animals in their natural habitat.

Nebraska Hunting Information

Provides information on hunting in Nebraska. Emphasizes how to hunt safely and legally.

Nebraska Wildlife Descriptions

Provides information on rabbits, prairie dogs, and the unusual species like cranes and minks, that live on the plains of Nebraska.

Neopolis Zoo

Presents a picture of a panda couple and offers links to other animal sites on the web.

New Orleans Zoo

Displays pictures of some of the more unique exhibits at the New Orleans Zoo.

North Carolina Zoo Home Page

Provides a look at some of the animals in their collection. Lets you tour each continent.

OSU's Breeds of Livestock

Showcases a comprehensive list of the various breeds of livestock.

Period.Com Virtual Safari!

Offers a colorful virtual safari.

Pomeranian Dog Home Page

Provides information on the Pomeranian. Includes links to pictures, history, and breed standards, as well as information on other links related to the Pomeranian.

Portuguese Water Dog Index

Offers links to other related sites, including the Pacific NW Portugese Water Dog Club site, which incorporates HTML 3.0 background imaging techniques.

Private Zoo

Lets you visit an international zoo in the Netherlands, as well as mail and link to other international zoos.

rec.pets.cats FAQ Homepage

Contains up-to-date FAQs on all kinds of cats and cat-related issues. Also offers jumps to feline WWW sites, breed FAQs, and other resources.

rec.pets.dogs FAQ Homepage

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about many breeds of dogs, from airedales to malamutes to yorkies. Also provides information on dog care, behavior, and services, including links to other Internet resources.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Offers information on e-mail lists of owners of the ridgeback dog, as well as links to other sites.

Rottweiler Home Page

Contains smaller images designed to identify links that provide more information. Includes a shopping guide for Rottweilers and their owners.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Lets you visit the San Diego Wild Animal Park online. Offers a montage of the animals that live in the park.

Savage Studios Homepage

Features stuff on cats of all shapes and sizes. Offers links to big cat organizations and the Zoe Foundation.

Schipperke Page

Includes information and pictures of Scipperkes. Features a list of additional canine sites that offer information on canines including medical projects and veterinary studies.

Sea World/Busch Gardens

Contains an animal information database maintained by the Sea World Busch/Gardens theme parks. Also includes images on numerous zoo species.

Seneca Park Zoo

Presents the Seneca Park Zoo in western New York, a fact sheet, and pictures of the California Sea Lion, the Siberian Tiger, and the South African Bush Elephant. Provides information about the zoo and events at the zoo.

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Features information on its orangutans and tigers and offers a short video clip of the zoo animals.

Swiss Canine Breeds

Focuses on Swiss canine breeds. Lets you jump to pages that contain the history and physiological traits of the following breeds: Saint Bernard, Great Swiss Mountain dog, Bernese Mountain dog, Appenzell Cattle dog, Entlebuch Cattle dog, Swiss hounds, and Smaller Swiss hounds. Includes many pictures of the dogs.

Tennessee Aquarium Home Page

Presents colorful aquarium site and has an audio welcome message. Also contains video clips and a visitor registry.

Terry Polk's Zoological E-mail Directory

Archives e-mail addresses of professionals in the zoological fields, which also helps locate particular aquariums or zoos.

The Birmingham Zoo

Features the zoo in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Chihuahua FAQ

Provides information on the Chihuahua. Not only includes frequently asked questions but also pictures, special information on the demeanor and physical qualities of these animals, and health information.

The Dolphin Alliance

Focuses on dolphins, earth, and wildlife conservation.

The Dolphin Page

Provides information on the dolphin, including protection issues, research, and sound and graphics.

The Eagle Page from Rocky Mountain High

Pays homage to birds of prey and provides a resource list of other related sites.

The Fabulous Kakapo (Strigops Habroptilus)

Focuses on the Kakapo bird, a rare nocturnal, flightless parrot. Provides information about this endangered bird.

The Oakland Zoo Web Page

Provides data pages on specific animal species in the Oakland Zoo.

The Penguin Page

Focuses on these comical sea birds. Provides information on the various species of penguin, their behavior, predators of penguins, and even information about fossil penguins. Includes sections on penguin literature, humor, and photos of penguins.

The Pet Bird Page

Serves as a guide to pet birding or more information about bird breeds. Includes FAQs and newsgroup connections in addition to specific information on most of the major breeds of commonly domesticated birds.

The Phoenix Zoo Home Page

Focuses on the Phoenix Zoo and many of its species. Provides text and animal facts but not many pictures.

The Polar Regions

Offers links to arctic wildlife and resources.

The Pug Dog Home Page

Provides a guestbook to record comments for passers-by, as well as a considerable scope of information.

The Tarheel Mall

Lets you order supplies, clothing, and companions for your pets over the Net.

The Visual Rhodesian Ridgeback

Focuses on the Rhodesian breed. Contains some links to adorable pictures of the young ridgeback and the owners that love them.

The Whale Watching Web

Serves as the whale watchers' network on the Internet. Offers pictures, information about whales, information about countries around which whales are active.

The Wolf Studies Project

Includes a chance to listen to the howl of the wolf, pictures of wolves, and links to newsgroups that cover wolves.

The Wolf's Den: Home Page of Wolf McSherry

Provides wolf information. Also sports a welcome message and encourages you to send in comments.

The Wonderful Skunk and Opossum Page

Focuses on the skunk and 'possum. Contains drawings and newsgroup information.

The World Wide Raccoon Web

Features pictures, stories about raccoons, raccoon wildlife management, and links to a raccoon lovers' mailing list.

Thylacine (Thylacinus Cynocephalus)[md]A Species Presumed Extinct

Provides information on the Austrialian marsupial, the Thylacine, presumed to be extinct. Explains what happened to this was wolf-like creature.

Tibetan Mastiff Home Page

Focuses on the Tibetian Mastiff breed of dog. Includes Tibetian Mastiff-related links to clubs, pictures, purchasing, and information on relevent health matters.

Turtle Trax[md]A Marine Turtle Page

Provides information on marine turtles, which are larger and more interesting than the ones from the store. Also points out that marine turtles are endangered and explains the issue, including how you can help.

UAS Home Page

Introduces aviary practices. Provides software on aviculture and birding.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page

Offers information on numerous species (both endangered and non- endangered), including migratory habits and habitats.

Virtual Birding in Tokyo

Provides exquisite pictures of wild and domestic birds in Tokyo, Japan.

Weimaraner Index

Contains information on the history of the Weimaraner pointer and provides additional links to other canine sites.

Welcome to the Oklahoma City Zoo

Presents small exhibits and an image map that features specific zoo sites.

Welcome to the Tirpitz Whaling Web Page

Focuses on whales and the whaling industry. Provides links to the latest news, FAQs, organizations, internet whale information, and literature on whaling.

Westies Home Page

Displays pictures of small terriers and doggie cartoon images. Also provides information to other terrier-oriented sites.

Whale Songs

Presents the sounds of whales. Includes a small archive of audio files.

Wolf Resource Page

Lists wolf resources and provides special reports on wolf-related news throughout the country.

WolfPark Info

Focuses on the wolf.

Wolves on the Internet

Provides Internet wolf resources. Includes information and links to magazine and newsgroup connections.

Wombats, Marsupials, and Other Animals

Serves as a resource site for marsupials as well as other kinds of existing and extinct species in the animalia kingdom.

Wonderful Wombats

Explains why wombats are wonderful. Also offers links to other marsupial-related sites

Zoo Atlanta Home Page

Offers a virtual trip to the Atlanta Zoo. Includes video and sound clips, information about zoo animals, and links to other zoo sites.


Provides online tour of a zoo. Uses an image map to guide you from exhibit to exhibit.


Attempts to provide information about every Zoo in the world. Includes the ZooLinks page which offers jumps to hundreds of zoos and zoo-related information. Offers the ZooNet Image Archives, which features numerous jumps to online zoos and animal pictures.




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